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America after Climate Change, Mapped

What We're SayingDecember 16, 2019Sarah HolderCityLab

“These are things that the country can take on together if and when it decides to make the climate crisis the sort of generational investment it deserves to be,” said Fleming.

Illustrating the massive scale of America's decarbonization challenge

What We're SayingDecember 15, 2019Antonio PachecoArchinect

The scale of the problem—and, frankly, of the solutions—is daunting, to be sure. But it is a challenge that the researchers at The McHarg Center are embracing whole-heartedly. The center has emerged as perhaps the most visible pro-Green New Deal apparatus in the design field, a fact highlighted earlier this year when Fleming and others at McHarg joined forces with The Architecture Lobby and others to organize the Designing the Green New Deal symposium. In the months since, the center has contributed research to the recently unveiled Green New Deal for Public Housing Plan proposed by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. These and other efforts are part of a larger push on the part of Fleming and others to reinvigorate the design community’s imagination with regards to how design and climate change coincide.

An Atlas for the Green New Deal

What We're SayingDecember 13, 2019Erica BrockmeierPenn Today

As a world leader in landscape architecture, the Stuart Weitzman School of Design has a history of uniting spatial expertise and imagination to tackle ideas in both design and environmentalism. In addition to ongoing research activities and offering a “Designing a Green New Deal” landscape architecture studio this fall, the McHarg Center also recently hosted the largest climate event in the history of Penn.

The United States gets a new kind of atlas

What We're SayingDecember 11, 2019Kelsey Campbell-DollaghanFast Company

The McHarg Center has emerged as a hub for thinking on the Green New Deal: In the fall, the center hosted a symposium called “Designing a Green New Deal” featuring landscape architects and scientists in conversation with people such as writer Naomi Klein and policy lead Rhiana Gunn-Wright. In November, it released a series of briefs alongside Data for Progress in support of Sanders’s and Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal for Public Housing proposal.

These maps show why we need a Green New Deal

What We're SayingDecember 10, 2019Dharna NoorGizmodo

“So if the question is, can we afford to do all of these other things in addition to like the decarbonization goals of the Green New Deal, then I think my response to that is, can we afford not to try?”

These maps show how the Green New Deal will look different across America

What We're SayingDecember 10, 2019Diana BuddsCurbed

Could a future stimulus package be constructed as a Green New Deal? Perhaps. And this atlas is a powerful tool to show us why everyone in America could benefit from policy that centers climate change and economic justice—and get regions thinking about how they would like to self-determine their future.

Inside the Green New Deal for Public Housing Act

Inside the Green New Deal for Public Housing Act

What We're SayingNovember 17, 2019Kriston CappsThe Atlantic CityLab

“The folks at People’s Action and in the housing and tenants’ rights movement really built the momentum for Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Sanders to feel like they had the cover and the urgency necessary to put this bill up,” Fleming said.

Design With Nature at 50: Its Enduring Significance in the 21st Century

Design With Nature at 50: Its Enduring Significance in the 21st Century

What We're WritingOctober 11, 2019Frederick Steiner and Billy FlemingSocial and Ecological Practice Research

This special issue of Socio-Ecological Practice Research is timed to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Design With Nature. Whereas McHarg is generally acknowledged as the father of ecological design and planning, his contributions are frequently misunderstood and/or misrepresented. The special issue will help clarify his legacy and to extend its reach into the twenty-first century.

America's Great Climate Exodus is Starting in the Florida Keys

America's Great Climate Exodus is Starting in the Florida Keys

What We're SayingSeptember 20, 2019Prashant GopalBloomberg

“The scale of this is almost unfathomable. If we take the climate science seriously," said Billy Fleming, the Wilks Family Director of the Ian McHarg Center at the University of Pennsylvania. "We’re down to the last 10-12 years to mobilize the full force of the government and move on managed retreat.”

The Climate Crisis and the Case for Hope

The Climate Crisis and the Case for Hope

What We're SayingSeptember 19, 2019Jeff GoodellRolling Stone

City planners are using the ideas of the Green New Deal to think differently about urban infrastructure (last week a “Designing the Green New Deal” conference at the University of Pennsylvania attracted more than 2,000 attendees). On college campuses, the Green New Deal has gone viral, transforming depressing lectures about the climate crisis into inspiring debates about race, power, and environmental justice.