• A Green New Deal for Public Housing
    We co-authored the Green New Deal for Public Housing Act's research briefs with SC2 and Data for Progress.
  • Design With Nature Now, Now Available
    The long-awaited book is now available. Get your copy today!
  • Design With Nature at 50
    This special issue of Socio-Ecological Practice Research is timed to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Design With Nature. Whereas McHarg...
  • Designing a Green New Deal Livestream
    Watch the livestream!
  • Conservation and Climate Change: An evening with Dr. Jodi Hilty
    In the era of climate change, everything is on the move—people, animals, even entire ecosystems. How might we reimagine the design, planning, and management of conservation land in the era of climate change?
  • Designing a Green New Deal | September 13
    Join Naomi Klein, Jane McAlevey, Rhiana Gunn-Wright, David Roberts, Leah Stokes, Julian Noisecat, Stephanie Kelton, Varshini Prakash, Kate Aronoff, Kate Orff, and many others as discuss the landscape and built environment implications of the most ambitious environmental idea of hte last century: the Green New Deal.
  • Design With Nature Now: The Book
    Coming in October from the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy.
  • Conversations
    What does it mean to engage in activism through design? To engage in design through activism?
  • Conversations
    What does it mean to design with nature now?
  • Who was Ian L. McHarg?

The McHarg Legacy

A Rich History and Future

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Celebrating a masterwork,The McHarg Center: Urbanism + Ecology

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