• Design With Nature Now
    On June 21-22, join us in Philadelphia to mark the 50th anniversary of McHarg's landmark book alongside Erle Ellis, Ursula Heise, James Corner, and many others.
  • Hotspot Cities Symposium: The Design and Planning of Urban Growth in Biodiverse Regions
    On June 20th, Richard Weller, the McHarg Center, Penn IUR, and partners will welcome invited delegates and leading conservationists, ecologists and urban designers to discuss...
  • Design With Nature Now: The Book
    Coming in October from the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy.
  • Conversations
    What does it mean to engage in activism through design? To engage in design through activism?
  • Conversations
    What does it mean to design with nature now?
  • Who was Ian L. McHarg?

The McHarg Legacy

A Rich History and Future

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DwNN 2019

Celebrating a masterwork,The McHarg Center: Urbanism + Ecology

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Upcoming Events

Arthur Ross Gallery, 220 South 34 Street, Philadelphia

August 7, 2019

Meyerson Hall, Room B-1, 210 South 34 Street, Philadelphia

August 28, 2019
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