2019 Symposium

Design with Nature Now?

Ian L. McHarg (1920-2001), Professor and Chair of landscape and regional planning at the University of Pennsylvania (Penn) was arguably the most important environmental planner and landscape architect of the 20th century. Through is writings and teaching, McHarg brought the sciences and the arts together to develop innovating planning and design techniques for improving the relationship between human nature and designed ecology.

In recognition of McHarg’s legacy, the department of landscape architecture at Penn is establishing The Ian L. McHarg Center—a nexus of research, teaching, and advocacy for improving the relationship between cities and their landscapes, and processes of urbanization and ecosystems. The Center’s official launch is a part of Design with Nature Now?—an international symposium to be held in Philadelphia in the summer of 2019, marking the 50th anniversary of McHarg’s magnum opus, ‘Design with Nature’.